We innovate for quarter of a century.
It is not easy, but it's fun!

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We here at Datamation help companies to innovate and re-engineer so that they outshine in this new all retail world. We build "excite your customer" solutions for different industries for so many years, that we became really good at it.

Innovation is difficult but it is fun. We love it, we try it all the time. Sometimes we succeed sometimes we don't. But we know that innovation is today's oxygen for the companies.

In Datamation we say: If it's not simple, it's wrong

Software services for the enterprises of tomorrow

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"Thank you in developing stable products and helping us in achieving our goals successfully."
Kumar Jasti , Citigroup

Enterprise mobile development

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Mobile apps are a key part of end-to-end solutions that enable modern companies to provide their customers with anywhere anytime access with the company's back office systems. Integrate this with social elements such as networks and gamification and you have redefined your company.

  • Incubation

    Trust your project to a team that has designed and built world nominated apps. An incubator with track record of a series of successful projects in mobile banking, mobile insurance, mobile retail and mobile transportation.

Experts in payment systems

Payments HUB for banks

The adoption of SEPA and SWIFT MX (ISO 20022 based) standards means this is a global issue affecting all banks.

aplonHUB is an application developed by Datamation that enables banks to enhance their existing payments systems with the required functionality to fully support SEPA Credit Transfers.

It is platform independent with light footprint and can be integrated in a matter of days with a banks existing payments system to provide the additional functionality required.

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Treasury for corporates

A key issue facing all corporates is the ever increasing number of payments needing to be made each month.

Control of liquidity is the leading concern for treasury departments, requiring instant access to the details of all outgoing payments being made by each department.

With aplonCASH for Payments, Datamation provides a highly efficient and cost effective solution for corporate payments initiation compliant with the globally recognized SEPA, SWIFT MT or MX standards.

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Libraries for developers

If you are in the process of building a payments application, you can now make it possible for a fraction of the time and effort needed. Payment components is the dedicated resource for everything the developer needs to build a SWIFT MT, SWIFT MX or SEPA related application. Click below and start coding today.

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Being innovative for a quarter of a century
is not easy, but it's fun

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About Datamation

Since 1988, Datamation has developed solutions for the financial services, retail, transportation, IT giants and other business sectors. Extensive experience of building and implementing these mission critical solutions, has provided the ideal foundation for the development of highly innovative mobile applications that integrate with existing systems to enable an unprecedented level of functionality and customer engagement.

Datamation has always remained faithful to its original ideals and continues to provide the most informed and impartial advice to its ever growing client base. IBM, CITI Group, XEROX, JP Morgan, Interamerican, Credit Suisse, Excel Technologies, National Bank, Millennium Bank just to name a few.

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